Food Is Medicine

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Join Dr. Kahn, expert preventative cardiologist and learn how food affects the body, where you food comes from and how it either reverses or progresses disease. You’ll also learn which foods create inflammation and what this means to your health and any ailments you might be experiencing in your life. You’ll learn about epigenetics and how this all relates to you, as well as how to start down the path of healing yourself, one mouthful at a time!

8 Chapters

  1. Heart Disease and the American diet
  2. Lifestyle and what leads to disease in the body
  3. Preparing your own meals and making diet changes
  4. Foods and symptoms, most commonly inflammation
  5. What happens to the body when it’s chronically inflamed?
  6. How the body can adapt based on the environment it’s in
  7. Vegetarian diets and it’s affects on cancer
  8. Shorthand for things you should add to your diet

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