Fun Extras from Dr. Kahn

You will learn so many valuable lessons from Dr. Kahn in this one course, it’ll make your head spin! Learn why yoga, infrared saunas, and veganism are so GREAT for your heart! What are the 5 things he recommends you do to be healthy?, the 3 spice bottles AND 4 diet tips that are SCIENTICALLY PROVEN to help your heart! You can’t miss this powerhouse of a course if you want to protect your heart!

7 Chapters

  1. Benefits of practicing yoga and impacts on heart patients
  2. Vegan diets and your gastronomics
  3. Drive-thru and it’s impact on your vitality
  4. Heart disease and heat therapy
  5. Tips in maintaining your health
  6. Diets that support heart health
  7. Spices for your pantry

7 Quizzes

51 Questions


7 Videos