Life in Motion

Join Tom Anderson, fitness expert, to learn about the 3 fundamentals of fitness that will ensure a well-balanced physical body: Cardio, strength training and flexibility. In this easy to follow and easy to understand course, you’ll learn where to start, how to create a plan and most importantly, how to execute it!

10 Chapters

  1. An introduction to fitness and creating a plan to get started
  2. Start off with cardiovascular exercise and create a plan to expand your lungs
  3. Cardio and how it benefits the entire body
  4. Building strength and endurance – get moving!
  5. Strength training and fat to muscle ratios
  6. Flexibility of body and mind
  7. Relaxation and ease of mind
  8. Taking care of yourself – work life balance
  9. The Plan – Outlined in 3 steps
  10. Other aspects of health like nutrition, healthy choices, and hydration

10 Quizzes

50 Questions


10 videos