Stress Management

Julie Booksh, counselor and stress management expert, will teach you the ways you might experience stress, the tremendous power you have to deal with that stress and holistic approaches to properly manage it. Specifically, you’ll look at how stress affects your body, your nutrition, your unconscious mind, your brain and how to rewire it, the correlation between food and mood, how and when to use exercise, and little upgrades you can make to reduce stress and increase your happiness!

16 Chapters

  1. Introduction to Stress Management
  2. How emotions play in triggering stress
  3. The primitive part of the brain
  4. Humans are only conscious 2-5% of the time
  5. Retraining your brain to think differently
  6. Nutrition – Everything you take in during your day
  7. The correlation between food and your mood
  8. Some of the basics on neurotransmitters
  9. Balancing your blood sugar
  10. Conscious thinking
  11. Exercise vs. movement
  12. What words mean to us
  13. Changes that stand out in your life
  14. Support systems to help make change
  15. Exercise for anxious release
  16. How is your sleep?

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