Yoga & Physical Therapy: Workfit (Workplace Ergonomics)

Join Preya Shah, expert physical therapist and yoga instructor, to learn how to best set up your workspace, and your body for maximized health. You’ll learn the anatomy of the spine, causes of tissue injury, preventative movement, what to look for in an ergonomic chair, keyboard and office space, as well as desk stretches to keep your neck, shoulders, wrists, hips and low back in tip-top shape!

12 Chapters

  1. Anatomy of the spine
  2. Poor posture and skeletal diseases
  3. Ergonomics in the workplace
  4. Ergonomic desk space
  5. Importance of breathing
  6. Importance of movement
  7. Stretching at work
  8. Shoulder stretches
  9. Wrist exercises
  10. Lower back muscles
  11. Hip stretches
  12. Ergonomics for the future

12 Quizzes

20 Questions


12 videos